Residential Architects in New York City

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As a high-end residential architect and design studio, Bruce Nagel + Partners believes in delivering bespoke solutions inspired by your vision. Our architectural firm was founded on the principles of creating innovative designs that respond to the inherent individuality of the space. As one of the best New York residential architects, we guide our clients towards the realization of their vision into a beautiful reality.

Our Residential Design Services:

As one of the leading interior architects in NYC, we help our clients in the conceptualization of a particular space through an integration of functional elements and creation of unique designs. We work on a variety of residential projects in New York City. From single-family homes and multifamily apartments to the renovation of houses and remodeling of historic buildings, we provide innovative design solutions for every residence. We help the clients in every aspect of design and construction that comprises planning, documentation, and project management.

Our Residential Design Process:

With a team of professional architects who are attentive and sensitive to your specific requirements, we follow a comprehensive design process. At Bruce Nagel + Partners in New York City, we believe that your vision and communication are critical to the success of the project. Well, we start with an exploration of ideas to be discussed with the clients before proceeding to the stage of design development, documentation, and project management.

Why Choose Us?

The culturally diverse team of architects working for our firm in New York City has the potential to create detail-oriented residential spaces that deliver personalized experiences. Our designs respond to the functional and aesthetic needs of the clients. We employ environmentally sustainable practices to enhance the context of design and optimize the livable status of every residence designed by us.

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