Chicago Residential Architects

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As a full-service residential architecture firm, Bruce Nagel & Partners are dedicated to creating well-resourced spaces to live. We merge real-world sensibilities with contemporary design aesthetics to evoke the beauty of design and functionality of construction. Right from the stage of conceptualization, our residential architects will listen to your desires and crystallize them into innovative design solutions.

Our Residential Design Process:

We have devised a unique design and build process led from the front by our team of highly qualified architects. They ensure a smooth progress from the stage of concept to final construction. We prioritize client expectations and interactions in our design process. We believe that a perfect residence is created with a careful attention to simple forms motivating people to experience the innate architecture.

Throughout the process of design and development, we adhere to high standards of quality that have brought significant laurels to our architecture firm. We are recognized as one of the best Chicago residential architects due to our ability to meet your desires. From the day one, we pay a lot of attention to the construction budget and integrate ideas that seamlessly merge within the same.

Our Residential Architecture Services:

At Bruce Nagel + Partners in Chicago, we believe in a design perspective that aligns with your aspirations as a homeowner. We can transform a house into a home that reflects the ethos of people who will dwell in it. The wide range of our services includes remodeling, 3D rendering, basement design, kitchen design, bathroom design, green building, home extension, historic building conservation, house planning, new residence design, and custom home designing.

Why Choose Us?

Bruce Nagel + Partners is a Chicago-based architectural firm that specializes in custom designing for the metropolitan area and suburbs. Every residential architect in our firm possesses in-depth experience in designing homes using the best architectural practices. Their cultural diversity blends into a cohesive environment to provide the desired solutions to our clients. We will start the design with your dreams in mind and the final creation will exceed your expectations.

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