March 23, 2020

If you want a state-of-the-art commercial building to be built, one important thing to consider is whether or not to install big, beautiful windows that could cover the entire exterior. Having large windows is a real difference-maker for everyone inside your new building, and the only drawback is having to clean them all every now and then. But here are some good reasons why large windows should be considered as the first choice.
Larger Windows Allow You to See the Environment Around You
Large windows can at times make you and your tenants feel like you are working outdoors. If you own a plot of land that you feel is beautiful, such as in a secluded wooded area, near a colorful mountain range or simply on the outskirt of a bustling city skyline, you can use the environment to your advantage and have a great view of nature rather than putting in four solid walls. The environment can especially be beautiful to look at during the spring, fall and winter months. Tenants and employees that can see nature as they work will also enjoy benefits to their health and well-being. Larger windows can also make your building feel larger than it actually is.
There is the possibility that with large windows come larger glare or excess heat from the sun at certain times of the day. The best architect in Chicago should have great plans for your building, and should allow the windows to tint or have shades in times of sunrise and sunset.
Larger Windows Allow more light In the Space
Throughout the day, a commercial building with large windows will receive plenty of sunlight. Natural light is the best light one can receive, as it can improve one’s energy and mood. With the resource of natural light, the need to use costly artificial lighting is less frequent, as the sun will always be providing your building with light throughout the day. Natural light can also allow your employees and tenants to sleep better thanks to the building allowing the sun to establish one’s natural circadian rhythm.
Larger Windows Can Help Heat Your Building
We have already gone over how the sun can allow too much heat into a building with large windows, but during colder, winter months, that could actually be a good thing. If the sun is out, you can count on it to give your building warmth after a chilly, brutal commute. This also means you can save money by using your furnace and other heating utilities less frequently.
Even if it is cold, the best architect in Chicago can make windows for you to keep the cold out, but not the warm sunlight. This is done with double or triple glazing, meaning that the window consists of two or three panes and is adhered with krypton or argon, helping buildings avoid chilly air altogether.
What can keep warm air inside and prevent it from escaping? Windows with low-e or low emittance coatings can help keep warm air inside your building. At the same time though, it can also keep warm air out of a building, so low-e coatings are also beneficial for when you want to stay cool in the summer.  
Framing commercial windows might look unappealing, but it is an option worth considering making windows even more energy efficient. Fiberglass frames are the best frames to consider, because just like the windows, they can expand and contract at exactly the same rate. Metal frames can conduct heat, so we tend to shy away from using them in areas that receive frequently high temperatures.