March 23, 2020

If you are planning a significant renovation or want to build a new home, it’s easy to feel stuck regarding whom to call first, an architect or a contractor. Well, if it’s any consolation, you are not alone. Most homeowners were in the same place as you are right now.  
 A contractor will say, “Call me first” and an architect will say, “You should call me first.” And clearly, that’d be confusing, especially since you don’t have industry experience. The reality of the matter is that architects, designers, and contractors all play a crucial role in the home building process and they complement each other. In short, you will need them all on board, so, it’s best to have them both, right from the onset of the project – who you call first doesn’t matter.

An experienced architect from reputable Hamptons architecture firms is likely to have well-established networks in the industry and will refer you the right contractor that matches your building needs and budgetary preference. The same goes for a good contractor or builder.  

Understanding the difference


Architects design all kinds of building. But before that, they need to sit down with the client and listen to their building needs. In your case, they take time to understand the kind of job you want to be done – whether it’s building a new home or renovating the existing one. They’ll then come up with a plan to bring whatever it is you envisioned into reality – and do so within your specified budget. In some cases, you may choose to drop your architect right at this point or decide to work with them throughout the entire process.


A general contractor takes care of offering all the labor, material, equipment (like engineering tools and vehicles) and services that are needed for the construction or renovation project. Often, he or she will hire subcontractors to execute all, or parts of the building process. The contractor will come up with the cost, provide workers (plumbers, carpenter and so on) and monitor the work. He or she may also partner with an in-house architect, designer or any professional of your choosing, to deliver to your expectation.

When to hire an architect or contractor

According to experts, the professional that you will call first will depend on the scope of your work.  

Most of the experienced contractors are well versed with the design processes and can handle simple remodeling solutions, the same way an architect can. However, it is always recommended to that you hire a qualified architect from reputable Hamptons architecture firms because this way, you get to eliminate the guesswork from the process. They have the necessary training, experience, skills, resources, and passion for getting the job done right the first time.  

In conclusion

According to Fraser, homeowners save 6% on their renovations by having contractors and architects work together. But you need to call one; then you should contact an architect. Unlike contractors, architects begin by determining how to use your space and move within it. An experienced architect also possesses strong attention to detail attributes that you may expect to get from an interior designer. So hiring them first is the best idea.