March 23, 2020

Using Marble and Granite for Commercial Buildings

If you want to give your new or remodeled commercial space the correct impression of professionalism, cleanliness, sleekness, and yes, even color, you can consider flashy-looking stones like marble and granite to make it look attractive in more ways than one.


Marble and granite are types of stone that are highly versatile. These types of stones are commonly found across floors, walls, and other decor in locales such as office buildings, malls, museums, and the like. Marble and granite are designed to invite and welcome people into the space, allowing their eyes and their mind to wander as they browse all that the space offers.

Both of these materials when installed in the interiors are extremely smooth and shiny, although this is more-true with marble when compared to granite. If you are looking for flooring, for example, no other material compares in regards to how both of them feel. While not the best materials for floors, the best architect in Florence Italy knows how to take advantage of both materials’ positive characteristics should you choose to use them for such a purpose.

What building owners like about marble is that it is highly durable. It is very hard to the feel, it is immune to scratching, and it should be fairly easy to clean in the event of an accidental spill. When comparing marble and granite, however, granite is harder and will last longer; up to around 100 years to be precise.

Visual Appeal

Does granite and marble carry a certain style of theme? As a matter of fact, they do. Granite and marble with geometrical compositions can look either neoclassical, contemporary, or even carry a Mediterranean theme, depending on what other decor and elements you include in the intended space.

And as mentioned previously, both marble and granite are available in numerous different colors to building owners. You can opt to go for a classical European look by choosing plain or speckled white without swirls or textures, making your space look pure and beautiful. Or you can make your space look more luxurious by going for a speckled or textured black or dark gray. Perhaps you could also go for a unique look with either blue, red, tan, or even another color; whatever drives you and your business.

Things to Consider

There are three things to keep in mind about granite and marble, as they are not the perfect material by any means.

The first thing is that marble and granite need to be handled with great care by the best architect in Florence Italy. Mishandling or improper installation of granite or marble can lead to permanent cracks or chips on its surface, even as stated before that it is scratch-resistant. You do not want to buy fine marble only for it to break before it even gets officially installed.

The next thing to think about is the fact that granite and marble, especially the latter, are not soundproof. When you walk on a floor inside a large interior space, such as a mall, you can hear the sound of your footsteps bouncing off walls at long distances. But with more activity in the space, this should not be a big concern for you.

Finally, you should be selective with how much marble and granite you install. Not only are they costly materials, but they also give off cold impressions, doing the opposite effect that materials like wood do. Try not to make 100 percent marble rooms, and rather break areas up using comforting materials, like wood or even other more natural looking stones.