March 23, 2020

If you are looking to build your own building or office and make it look really eye-catching, there is a philosophy that you can utilize called “workplace branding”. Workplace branding is a crucial, yet overlooked part of running a business. It’s not just about corporate color schemes or having your logo displayed everywhere, but rather about choosing decor and infrastructure that reflects the values and messages of your company.

The purpose of workplace branding is to change the working habits of each of your employees for the better so that they can work both comfortably and productively with nothing to hold them back or lower their morale. Here are three reasons why the best architecture firms in Chicago consider workplace branding to be important when designing commercial buildings.

Workplace Branding Puts Employees to Work

With workplace branding, design choices in the office are made to help employees become inspired, motivated, and confident as they are working. When the office gives off a soothing and comforting atheistic, your working atmosphere will be more productive. Of course, there is a difference between calming and relaxing, so dim lighting and recliners are not what would give workers more energy, but rather ergonomic chairs and desks that are comfortable to use and natural lighting to work by when available. Once workers are situated nicely, they’re able to work for long periods of time.

Workplace Branding Helps Employees Stay Loyal

When workplace branding is used effectively, employees will have a positive opinion on the company. They will end up working with more loyalty and dedication due to becoming prouder of working there and having the job that they have. Because of this, employees won’t want to leave and you’ll end up having to replace them less frequently. This is great for company owners, as they are able to keep around the best employees that continue working with skill and productivity.

Workplace Branding Attracts Clients and Partners

Not only is workplace branding appealing to employees, but also clients and outsiders. To potential clients, a workspace that reflects a company’s value, message, and culture leaves them with excellent first impressions, encouraging deals to be made that would do great things for you and your company. With more clients, your business will sure to have a promising future, and this further proves that workplace branding is a solid investment.

Ways to Utilize Workplace Branding

If you are looking for ideas of what kind of message you want to send to employees in the form of decor, think of how you want your staff to be. For examples, if you want your employees to be friendly and thinking positively, consider an office layout that encourages collaboration and social interaction. If you want your employees to be full of energy and vigor, consider incorporating elements of nature into your office, such as plants, stone, and even water.

If your company has won awards or penned some outstanding deals, you can have them on display to show the company’s success and progress throughout its history. Alternatively, a large world map to point out all the locations where your company has done business can also be a testament to your company’s growth and outreach for your employees to observe.

Workplace branding helps to improve morale and productivity of your workers, so if you are looking to build a brand-new location, contact your architect and see how workplace branding can be utilized in your new offices. Whether you are looking to send your employees a message or just want a better environment overall, new offices are always a breath of fresh air.