March 23, 2020

Are you planning a construction project? Regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial project, you can’t do without a professional architect. There are several misconceptions about working with architects everywhere. The chances are high that you might have come across them. Perhaps these have already given you apprehensions about selecting an architect for your forthcoming project. Let’s highlight some of these wrong ways you are might be thinking about working with architects to help you realize the truth.  
Terrible communication

When handling projects, professional architects understand the importance of effective communication. Regular communication between the architectural team and the project owner is essential to pave a way forward for the project. Professional architects don’t move forward without approval from the customer. This might require meetings and communicating project updates regularly. Additionally, the architects have to discuss any forthcoming project milestones to allow brainstorming with the project owner. Effective communication is one of the ingredients of a successful project.  

Disorganized work area  

A lot happens at a construction site. However, it is not as dirty and disorganized as you think. Architects work with other contractors to keep everything on the site organized and tidy in the best way possible. Regardless of whether your project is a remodel or phased occupancy, the architect works with the construction team to maintain an organized site. This includes keeping construction work away from your regular operations to limit disruptions. On project completion before handover, the construction team does a final round of cleaning to ensure that the site project looks its best.  

Only good at petty images

Perpetuated by people without an architectural background, this is a common myth about working with architects. It is not true that architects just draw pretty images and let others figure out how to make them come to life. Professional and experienced Hamptons architects  handle structures and building design. The architects can also perform other supporting services including:

  • Cost analysis
  • Site selection
  • Color selection
  • Energy analysis
  • Flooring selection
  • Restoring old buildings
  • Updating old buildings
  • Find a skilled craftsman
  • Construction administration
  • Design and build new buildings

Architects are unaffordable

Most people planning construction projects often believe that architects are expensive. However, reputable architectswork within a client’s budget. This requires guiding you on affordable but quality materials delivered through quality workmanship. There is no doubt that working with a professional architect is the best way to get more bang for your buck.  

Reliable architects guide customers on coming up with an affordable budget for the project by designing a plan to meet your needs. The best thing is that architects are likely to come up with a project plan that will lead to a building with lower energy costs and maintenance for years to come. Architects help you avoid costly mistakes during construction by anticipating them and offering solutions.  

Projects run behind schedule

It is true that construction projects can go beyond budget and behind schedule. However, this doesn’t happen for all projects. Experienced architects work with teams of other tradesmen, contractors, and subcontractors to ensure successful delivery of your project. This increases chances of your project not going beyond budget and for all milestones to get achieved on schedule. It is true that some unknown circumstances might happen to disrupt your building schedule. Professional architects understand these and plan for lost time to ensure that your project is completed on schedule.  

Only large expensive projects require architects

Every building project requires a thoughtful design by a professional architect. Some small projects might have intricacies that expansive projects might not have. Regardless of your tight budget, you need an architect to help you meet building codes and particular needs. A professional and experienced architect has the expertise to help you mitigate any issues that might arise during the course of your project. Working with an architect eliminates stress since these professionals have a realistic picture of your expectations during construction.  

Going for generic designs

It is not true that an architect will make you go with a generic design for your project. Professional architects incorporate customer requirements to create building designs that match their expectations from the project. As noted above, a good architect will listen to your needs to create a design speaking your desires in an appropriate style. The right architect will always put your needs first in whatever service they offer.  

Bottom line

A building project is a significant investment that requires thoughtful planning and execution. This requires working with a professional architect to ensure that your project idea is brought to life. Hope by now you have dispelled any of the above misconceptions you had about working with architects. Architects are affordable, listen to customer requirements, and can handle a variety of project. Working with a professional and reliable architect is the key to a successful building project that exceeds expectations.