Architects in Florence, Italy

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At Bruce Nagel + Partners in Florence, we are sensitive to the responsibilities that accompany our work. Along with creation of functional architecture, we always strive to add an intrinsic value to the spaces designed by us. We specialize in customized designs crafted with your vision in our perspective. Our team consists of creative and dynamic architects who are passionate about their work.

Our Design Process:

The process of work at our firm in Italy includes design-based meetings with the clients, conceptual development with 3D renderings, drawings of layouts, documentation, and complete management of the project from start to finish. We listen carefully to our clients and develop a strategically technical discipline of work for timely completion.

Our Services:

As a full-service architect and design firm in Florence, we provide a wide scope of services that run from design through construction and finalization. We provide site analysis based on detailed studies and recommendations. We help our clients with appointments of contractors and structural engineers depending on the project scope.

Being one of the best architecture firms in Florence, we help in completing all admin and contract documentation for our clients. The wide range of our solutions isn’t limited to the layouts. In fact, we provide a comprehensive suite including master planning, flooring, finishing, and lighting solutions.

Why Choose Us?

At Bruce Nagel + Partners in Florence, we possess the expertise required to create a huge spectrum of designs. We believe in designing architecture that resonates with the soul of the place. We are a passionate bunch of architects who work in an open environment that allows unrestricted flow of ideas and creativity.

We create exceptional designs that exceed your expectations. At the core of our services in Italy, we follow a dynamic design process inspired by the principles of sustainability and functionality.

If you want to know more about our services, please contact us today.