March 23, 2020

When negotiating with an available architect and a construction crew on assembling a brand-new building, a timeline will also be considered, consisting of dates when the project is expected to begin and end, with possible milestones in between that signify when certain sections of the building are to be completed.

Of course, you would like this timeline to be as accurate as possible, but as you may be aware, things can happen for the completion of your building to be delayed by several weeks or even months. If you are focused on completing your building, then you don’t want any delays. With that said, here are 3 tips to help minimize delays for your newly constructed building.

Choose A Qualified Architect  

Business owners that need a new building constructed will often turn to an architect with a construction crew. The choice of your architect that you choose can either make or break the project as a whole, so it’s crucial that you choose the right architect for snappy completion. An experienced architect will be able to manage the project in the right ways as well as have a schedule set for each individual contributing to it so that everything is finished when it needs to be. Make sure you have the best architect in New York City so that there are minimal to no setbacks with your building project.

Don’t Change Your Mind

As projects enter later phases, clients cannot help but change their minds in one way or another, whether they want to use different materials, change the floor plans, or even change the direction that the building faces. When clients change their minds, plans will have to be changed, or in some cases, blueprints will need to be redrafted. If the building is already under construction, work would need to halt or get torn down so that new requests can be fulfilled, so making changes on the fly is close to impossible. With this in mind, it will take a significant amount of time for these changes to be made, as old progress would often have to be undone.
When planning your building with your architect, consider each option for layout and materials, and stick by them up until the end of construction. If you’re not sure about certain aspects of your building, take extra time to mull over possibilities before you confirm them so that you are 100 percent certain of everything you want your property to be.
Communicate Often with Your Architect

From planning all the way to completion, you should constantly keep in touch with your architect to make sure every decision is being followed through. Both you and your architect need to be readily available to answer each other’s phone calls and respond to each other’s emails in case important matters need to be addressed. A delay in communication almost always a delay in the project. Don’t delay your project by forgetting to read your texts!

It’s also important to review the work as it’s happening so that you can be sure that everything is the right size, materials, and locations. Good architects will make it mandatory for you to review your property after certain phases of it have been completed, such as before they put up drywall.

Constructing a new building is a gigantic feat, so things are bound to happen to delay the construction. Be sure to choose the right architect, always keep communications open with your architect, stick by your final decisions, so that your building can be completed on time.