March 23, 2020

Benefits of Hiring a Multi-City Architect Firm


When building and designing a new home, you would want the very best talent on the project and hiring a local firm is the most convenient option. However, it is important to review the available firms and may be to your benefit to select one that has multiple locations across the country, here is why.

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Your home should be a direct reflection of your personality, lifestyle, culture and design preference which means that if you live in Chicago but want a Texas ranch home then you may be limited locally on who can design that for you. Firms that have multiple locations present several benefits to clients who are looking for something outside of the ‘typical’ design in their immediate area.

If you want a modern home design that is located in Dallas then you need the best architect in the Hamptons and if the firm has offices in both cities then that isn’t going to be a problem. This is one of the top benefits to working with a larger firm that is established in a multitude of U.S. cities. Architects typically travel frequently to meet with clients but only if they have done work in that area before or have enough of a reason to make the trip. When they are already connected through the firm then this process becomes much easier and simpler to accomplish.

High-end, quality architects like those connected with the best architecture firms in Chicago can exchange ideas and designs with their counterparts in other areas or travel to the new destination for the length of the project. Another benefit of this type of firm is the project management capabilities since the local personnel is familiar with the process for permits, licenses and contractors to partner with while the specific architect assigned can come from a different office to create the request. This guarantees a project that is efficiently organized for a timely and on-budget result that the client will be satisfied with at completion.

Local firms are good for smaller remodels and projects that follow the same pattern as many of the current buildings and they may be able to handle variations but it is, unlikely that they will be able to design something completely outside the box architecturally that follows a different part of the U.S. or even a European design. The ability to share resources and extract from the very best talent in any location is something that well-established larger firms have access to and they willingly use this to create a positive client experience and perspective.

Whether you are looking to build brand new or need a renovation in your location and have an idea that needs to be drawn out for visual approval, take a few minutes to go online and check out the options available. Start with an initial consultation with a couple different firms for comparison in price and design output and ask about outside resource options if you are not seeing what you want in the drawings. Quality is just as important as budget but remember that a home is a long-term investment and so building it right the first time with everything you want and in a style that you want to live in is worth the cost and the time it takes to find the appropriate person for the job.