Bruce D. Nagel & Partners Architects

Segal Residence

Rye, New York
Built Project

Judith DiMaio Architect

  • Judith DiMaio (BDN&PA-Design Partner) - Project Architect
  • Photographer - ????

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The client, a contemporary art collector, acquired Peter Gourfain’s “The Fate of the Earth” (1984-89), a series of 24 bronze reliefs.  Gourfain’s work is displayed in numerous museums and held in private collections.

SCAFFOLD: DiMaio was commissioned to design, in effect, an outdoor display façade, or ‘scaffold’ for the display of the figural material, i.e. the bronzes. Utilizing the design strategies reoccurring in Michelangelo’s architecture where architecture becomes the backdrop or frame for art, DiMaio devised her own scaffold for the display of art.

PERSPECTIVE: In the tradition of renaissance thought, gridded surfaces are often overlaid with a triangulated structure found in pictorial compositions. The top two smaller bronzes in the outer most bays and the description panel at the bottom of the center bay imply a perspectival reading or inflection of surface.

COLLABORATION: The color scheme and palette were executed by the artist Richard J. Haas and the art consultant was Virginia Bonito.