Bruce Nagel & Partners Architects

Bishop's See Suites

Perth, Australia

Unbuilt Project

Judith DiMaio Architect

  • Judith DiMaio (BN&PA-Design Partner) - Architect
  • Developer - Australia Northwest Properties

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The Developer’s portfolio included a ‘plantation/garden’ site  sloping down to and overlooking the  majestic Swan River. Their intention was to develop very high-end residential duplex suites. They retained DiMaio for her well known ability to juggle strategy and tactics. which included her ability to manipulate complex sectional ideas.


The site, abundant in tropical vegetation and canals, counterpointed an extremely complex program brief which called for 8 duplex suites which required lap pools, private elevators,  parking and circulation access to each suite. The scheme was driven by one  directive that no one owner should ever cross paths with another.

 b. The Duplex Configurations: The massing model discloses a complex staggered section allowing for privacy and alternating patterns of circulation, each bypassing the other. Duplexes are access by  bridge ways connecting to private stair halls and elevators. An elaborate series of cut outs ventilate each unit and provide light and air to the lap pools and entry sequences.

 c. Villas and Garden: Two  elaborate villas with internal gardens, pools and spas are clipped onto the enclosing garden wall .  The overall garden is threaded together with canals, ponds and existing vegetation.