My work includes country houses and year-round residences, beach houses and other second homes, extensions, interior in full remodelings, apartments and townhouses ranging from the very small to the very large and located not only from Manhattan to Montauk, but in Las Vegas, South Carolina, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and beyond.

I will design a house on all levels , from it's site to internal details and appointments, and an interior from its general layout and design to the selection of paint colors, fabrics and furnishings. While I prefer to provide my clients with full-services, from program analysis through design, specification, contract negotiation and the finish of construction administration and interiors, I am prepared to offer limited services suited to a particular project.

Ultimately, as my philosophy states, no matter how large or how small my residential projects are, or what type, or where they are located, I strive to have happy clients who like their homes and use them well.

Each residence is a unique project , with the primary emphasis on a client-related solution, on its particular fit and suitability. As an initial step, I request my residential clients to record a written program describing their goals for the project and eliciting their wants and needs in as much detail as they wish. While this program is inevitably altered in the course of working out a solution, the particular tenor of my client's initial program remains a keynote throughout my design process.

I want each project to acquire through this program keynote a strong, clear idea, which is consistent with its organization. I strive thereby to functionally satisfy my client's detailed needs and to give them something more, something that only architecture can give them, as well.

I am prepared to provide evaluations of existing buildings and site conditions and amenities - from all aspects, and to refer to and recommend appropriate specialists.

I work with a variety of materials and finishes. Where my projects support the use of a fresh new material, I am inclined to employ one, and where matching or relating to the quality of an existing finish is called for, I integrate that finish in my solution.