A strong, well-defined image and underlying organization is the essential goal of all my commercial designs, and carries over into my approach to unit design in housing development.

My commercial experience includes office and special theme commercial complexes, as well as general office interiors, and my housing development experience includes work on several multi-unit ventures.

Each of my commercial projects is intentionally designed to have a particular character and identity.

I begin all my commercial designs with a careful review of organizational relationships, enabling me to make the physical design serve these relationships by facilitating how they function. From a satisfactory schematic design that will physically accommodate and support the organizational needs, and using a thematic concept, which I express with architectural form and shape, color, finish and lighting, I develop an individualized solution to each project.

I anticipate in my work where and how my finished projects will have the most effective visual exposure to the visiting public, and I focus my design emphasis accordingly. My commercial projects and my housing are thus their own advertisement, in that they are intended to have strong recognition with an aesthetic that takes its cues from both modern commercial and housing design as well as local and regional building traditions.

I require my clients in both housing and commercial space ventures to establish a target audience, as well as the ultimate purchase or rental objectives, as a basis of guiding material and programmatic decisions that will be in concert with their financial and marketing goals. And I am prepared to assist these clients with additional services regarding the promotional aspects of their ventures, such as obtaining special reports on or rendered illustrations of the project.

I am also attentive to the design of the utilitarian parts of my schemes, in order that they be equally thoughtful, resolved, and contribute to the built solution. I also rely on my experienced engineering consultants to aid in the resolution of special mechanical and electrical services. And I encourage my clients to include the skills of my lighting consultant, particularly for interiors, because of the essential role good lighting plays in the success of these projects.